how do we prepare?

Be Up to Par

There are many ways to prepare against disasters of all kinds. The first step is to get educated. What are the various types of disasters? Are there any specific to my area? What is my community most susceptible to? What needs to be in place for preventive measures and who in my organization needs to know?

Here are 3 Tips to Remember

  • Be up to par with proper service training. Understand the correct “how to’s” of administering assistance to non-parishioners and the public at large.
  • Get familiar with what your available resources are, as well as, what services your church could offer.
  • Seek to work with your local government, area churches and local Red Cross Chapter or your organization of choice.

We worship. We serve. As a church disaster preparedness helps us do both.

thrive toolkit recommendations

Keep these recommended apps and links in your disaster preparedness arsenal to stay ahead.

Storm Radar with NOAA Weather & Severe Warning App
For iPhone | For Android

Tips on Cyber Security

Evacuation & Loss Assistance

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