what is disaster?

Disasters are Uncertainties

"The sheer size and geographic diversity of the United States mean that the country experiences a variety of different natural disasters on a frequent basis.  Rather than just an extreme natural event such has a hurricane, a flood or an earthquake, a natural disaster is characterized by a great deal of damage and /or loss of life.”

– Statista, Natural Disasters in the United States  

There are many ways to prepare against disasters.
The first step is to get educated. 
Questions to Ask: 

  • What are the different types of disasters? 
  • Which are common in our area? 
  • What needs to be place & who in the organization needs to know? 
Download our Natural Disaster List Map to find out what conditions are considered disaster and what your geographical location is most susceptible to.
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perceived perception

Initially viewing this picture, we see two women that are currently devastated with matters now beyond their control. Perhaps key staff members overwhelmed with both grief and unconnected dots about how their church will remain open and it’s effect to those that depend on them most.

Now take the same picture and visualize two staff leaders that have planned for the unexpected. And instead of feelings of hopelessness there are counting their blessings. By having an effective disaster planning and a continuity plan in place for church ministry, a mode of action has reduced the impact of uncertainty. Disaster preparedness may have allowed to them to now pray for others, instead of themselves.

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